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Last Edit: 10/01/17

VeriSign's primary role is that of a network provider, and is the operator of two root nameservers. Root nameservers are an essential element of the Internet and World Wide Web: as nameservers control and authorise the domain name system. As as off-shoot of that role, VeriSign is an authority in the registration of top-level domains, such as: .com and .org. Alongside it's rootserver role, VeriSign is one of the web's most popular companies for handling secure information over the Internet. Websites often need to keep certain information secure, such as: membership information, login and password details, payment details and so on. Companies such as VeriSign offer SSL (secure server layer) products to ensure, and certify, that such services are secure. VeriSign offer webmasters and website owners products that can provide a suite of technologies, services; along Verisign having key industry alliances.