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Customer service quality rating for UK banks

Last Edit: 29/10/18

You may have noticed that UK banks have been publishing the results of a customer service quality survey. If you have read the fineprint on the banks websites, you will see that its a request made to them by the Competition and Markets Authority as part of a regulatory requirement; the Competition and Markets Authority is a nonministerial government department in the United Kingdom. The survey was conducted between September 2017 and June 2018 by GFK (, and the amount of customers surveyed was 16,012 in total; the survey has been referred to as an independent survey by the banks. The participating banks were:

The survey asked a range of questions, such as: Overall service quality; Online and mobile banking services; Overdraft services; and Services in branches. The following results were published on the TSB homepage on the 29th of September 2018:

Overall service quality

  1. first direct 85%
  2. Metro Bank 83%
  3. Nationwide 73%
  4. Coventry Building Society 68%
  5. Santander 64%

Online and mobile banking services

  1. first direct 87%
  2. Metro Bank 81%
  3. Barclays 79%
  4. Halifax 78%
  5. Nationwide 78%

Overdraft services

  1. Metro Bank 75%
  2. first direct 75%
  3. Barclays 63%
  4. HSBC 60%
  5. TSB 59%

Services in branches

  1. Metro Bank 84%
  2. Coventry Building Society 79%
  3. Nationwide 77%
  4. TSB 74%
  5. Santander 71%