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UK Couriers: Track Your Package

Last Edit: 11/04/22


One of the most useful features provided by UK couriers is the ability to track a package. While the majority of national and international couriers provide this feature, most of these couriers operate independently of one another, therefore their tracking software differs and the features inherent within them. That said, tracking a package is typically the same process with every courier: it involves visiting a website URL or opening a smartphone app, and then inputting a tracking number or reference number that was provided by the retailer/business/individual who sent the package. While it is not a given, the following tracking features are provided by couriers: viewing where your package was last located (picked up from retailer, at local depo, at regional depo, out for delivery); time window prediction for when the package will be delivered; a map showing where the courier is and how many stops there are before delivery; selecting a safe place location (front porch, rear porch, garden shed, garage, greenhouse, garden location, outside building, conservatory); and changing the delivery date of the package. The options available will differ based on: the courier, if you are using an app or a pc browser, and the service the sender purchased for delivery.

UK Couriers: Tracking URL

Royal Mail:

FedEx: (FedEx® tracking, door tag or FedEx® Office order numbers)

Parcelforce: (It can differ in length -- 9, 11, 13, 14, 16 or 21 characters)



UPS: (You can enter up to 25 tracking numbers, but it needs to be one tracking code per line)

Hermes: (Tracking box is located on the Hermes homepage)

DHL: (Can enter up to 10 codes)

DX Delivered Exactly: (Can enter either a tracking number, consignment number, calling card number or customer reference)

Landmark: (Possible to enter up to 25 tracking numbers but they must be separated by commas)

Fastway: (Label number can be entered on the homepage, top right hand corner)