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Process for opening a bank account online?

Last Edit: 17/09/18

The procedure is different for every bank, and will depend whether the applicant already has an account with the bank. If an applicant already has an account with the bank -- and online login details -- then the process of applying and acceptance/denial can be immediate; as the bank already has the customers ID and credit information. This page, therefore, will consider the process when the applicant does not have an account with the bank, and wishes to open a current or savings account. The steps to create an online bank account be something to this:

1. You fill in an application form online; this form will include contact details, date of birth, security information etc.

2. The bank will then verify your details; they will ask for proof of ID. No matter which financial institution you are opening a UK bank account with -- whether fixed or easy access -- you will be required to provide the following:

3. The bank will send a letter confirming if the applicant has been accepted.

4. The applicant will then send a cheque/payment to open the account with. (Optional)

5. The bank will then send the applicant a username/password/pin through the post.

6. The bank will either send another letter with additional login details, for a two step login for extra security.

7. Optional: the bank may provide some form of one off access token/login device to formalise the process of creating your online account.

The above documents should be enough to open any basic UK bank account. However, a bank may use the above documents to perform a credit check on the applicant. Some banks have a policy of not accepting individuals who have ever been bankrupt, regardless of their current financial status, but most banks will accept an individual once any undischarged bankrupts have finalised. Many banks have flexible criteria for new applicants, therefore, even if you have a bad credit history, you may be eligible to open an account with most high street banks.