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Last Edit: 10/01/17

Netscape were one of the largest manufacturers of software designed for the Internet and World Wide Web, such as: IRQ and browser applications. Netscape was formed by two people:

  1. Dr. James Clark
  2. Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen had previously been working on Mosaic; one of the first graphical web browser and acclaimed for making the World Wide Web popular. Netscape created the Netscape Navigator web browser; which, in the early to mid 1990's was the most widely used browser. Netscape ran into problems when Microsoft released their Internet Explorer web browser, and packaged it for free with their Windows 95 operating system. Since that point in time, Netscape Navigator's usage share began to decline.

The US Department of Justice was involved in legal battles with Microsoft over the monopoly of web browsers - by packaging Internet Explorer with Windows. Netscape also owned Dmoz, which is the largest directory on the Web. Netscape were eventually purchased by America Online (AOL). Netscape created the Mozilla project in 1998: Mozilla maintained the open source release of Netscape Navigator, and in 2002, Mozilla released the Firefox web browser.