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Ask Jeeves

Last Edit: 10/01/17

Ask Jeeves was launched in 1996 by David Warthen and Garrett Gruener. The search technology for Ask Jeeves was written by Gary Chevsky; a Russian who emigrated to California in the US. Chevsky worked for Ask Jeeves and from 1995-2006, and holds a number of patents for 'question answering' search technologies.

Ask Jeeves was a search engine that allowed users to input questions into a search box and a results page will be with relevant answers. Comic novelist P G Wodehouse was the author responsible for bringing the Jeeves character to life. He wrote a series of books where the knowledgeable and perceptive valet helped a series of English gentlemen with life's problems. The Jeeves character was curtailed in 2006, and the Ask Jeeves domain was redirected to While the Jeeves is sometimes used on some of the regional websites, the character has largely become defunct from 2006-2014.

The service provided by Ask Jeeves and has evolved since 1996. While Ask Jeeves was simple a question and answer website, evolved to become a search engine which competed against Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Ask Jeeves purchased Teoma in 2001 to power it's search results: Teoma was a search engine which was founded upon link popularity and was written by Professor Apostolos Gerasoulis. In 1996, the Teoma website redirected to the website. However, due to failing to compete against Google in a meaningful way, the Teoma was relaunched in 2010, and reverted to it's original service of being a simple 'question and answer' search engine. Teoma was to become, once again, the "general" search results portal.

Achieved News

Ask Jeeves to be bought for $1.85bn

Added 23-03-2005

Search engine Ask Jeeves is to bought for $1.85bn (£970m). An investment firm headed by US media mogul Barry Diller is going to buy them. Mr Diller said "Ask Jeeves has the potential to become one of the great brands on the internet".

Adrian Cox, chief executive of Ask Jeeves UK operations hopes this new deal will enable Ask Jeeves the 5th most queries search engine to compete with Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft's MSN Search .

He said "We are a small player in the land of the giants,"

Ask Jeeves stops paid inclusion

Updated 03-03-2004

To compete with Yahoo's new search and Google, Askjeeves will stop accepting advertiser for inclusion in its Web database. Instead what paid inclusion will do is allow web sites to be indexed more regularly in search engines. This is the same system which Yahoo has just announched. However Google still don't require payment for sites to be regularly daily or every 48 hours.

A statement from an Askjeeves vice president Jim Lanzone stated, "After much testing of paid inclusion the company found that it can negatively sway search results—producing more commercial and irrelevant lists of Web sites, Lanzone said. Ultimately, that hampers the search experience. We're never going to mix church and state again," Lanzone said.

This and Yahoo's new search database could spell much more competition for Google.