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Last Edit: 10/01/17

Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia and primarily focuses on 'serving' search results to the following countries:

  1. Russia
  2. Ukraine
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Belarus

The Yandex website was launched in 1997, and it became an incorporated company in 2000. Yandex was founded by three individuals: A.Volozh, A.Borkovsky and I.Segalovich. The Yandex search engine was developed at the same time as Google, and it continues to be similar to Google in a number of regards: it's homepage has a similar design; it has an image, video and maps search; has an e-mail service; and a Yandex web browser.

Yandex is not widely used outside of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey; therefore, it is not a direct competitor to Google and Bing outside of these countries, but within them, it either holds the largest market share, or, it is a direct competitor to the company that holds the largest market share. Yandex has it's headquarters in Moscow, Russia, therefore, it is not surprising that Russia supplies the majority of it's daily hits. In 2011, Comscore estimated that Yandex received 64% of all Russian search queries.

In 2011, Yandex completed the largest dotcom IPO since Google: it's debut on the New York NASDAQ stock index raised $1.3 billion. Russia is estimated to be the second largest European search market: so, while Yandex does not have a large international presence, it's domestic dominance in Russia is attractive to potential investors.