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Last Edit: 10/01/17

Released in 1992, ViolaWWW proved to be one of most significant early Web browsers. Developed for Unix's X Window's operating system, it broke new ground for Web browsers, as it was the first browser to implement graphics, images, scripts, style sheets and table layouts.

ViolaWWW was created by a Taiwanese gentleman, named Pei-Yuan Wei. He developed the browser whilst studying at UC Berkeley in California. As of 2005, there is still uncertainty over whether Pei-Yuan Wei could claim a patent for browser imbedded objects. You can read more at Pei Yuan Wei's home page, at the following address,

Although ViolaWWW was lauded by many of the Web pioneers, such as Robert Cailliau, it failed to capture the public's imagination, unlike Mosaic, which is generally acknowledged as the browser which developed public interest in the World Wide Web.

The drawback to ViolaWWW was that it only worked on Unix's X Window's operating system, which took a significant amount of technical knowledge to get up and running. Mosaic, on the other hand, worked on Microsoft Window's, which enabled it to be accessed by a wider audience.

Although ViolaWWW may not be known to the general public, it's contribution to the World Wide Web and browser development is noted amongst software developers.