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UKash voucher

Last Edit: 19/07/18

UKash vouchers was a digital money system that could convert cash into codes that could make payments online. UKash vouchers could be purchased from newsagents across the United Kingdom and Europe. They could also be purchased from resellers online; however, there are a number of scam websites which would accept money but not provide a voucher code.

UKash voucher
(Pictured: UKash voucher, value ten euro)

UKash vouchers were generally purchased with cash, and were an alternative to credit cards. For whatever reason -- debt problems, privacy concerns -- for people who could not use a debit or credit card online, UKash was an alternative payment option.

As stated, all a person needed to do to use UKash: was to visit a participating newsagent with a UKash machine, hand over a cash amount of £10-100, and the newsagent will provide a voucher code for that amount. The consumer could then visit websites online and pay for goods and services with their UKash voucher code.

UKash vouchers had a 19 digit number, an expiry date, and could be in a currency of: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, SEK or PLN. UKash tended to be used to buy currency on gaming websites, such as: casino, bingo, lottery, dating, poker and sports betting websites.

UKash were purchased by the Skrill Group in 2014, and merged into the paysafecard (previously a rival competitor). UKash vouchers stopped being accepted in 2015.