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Trusteer Rapport: helping to protect online banking

Last Edit: 19/08/18

Trusteer Rapport is an application, with a browser extension, that helps to protect against a number of security issues for online bank customers. HSBC, amongst other banks, has promoted Trusteer Rapport -- providing links on their website -- and has allowed its customers to download Rapport for free.

In 2010, Trusteer Rapport was only compatible with four Web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Trusteer Rapport began life as a single endpoint protection application, but has now expanded to include a range of products: Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection; Trusteer Pinpoint Criminal Detection; Trusteer Mobile SDK; and the Trusteer Mobile Browser.

The classic Trusteer Rapport endpoint protection application wasn't intended to be a replacement to anti-virus software or a firewall, instead, it is seen as a specific companion to protect banking websites. What it claimed to do, is protect selected banks in the following ways:

Trusteer Rapport, when combined with a number of security login steps, and an authentication device, should offer an effective shield against attempts to gain access to a customer's online banking account. It should be noted that its vital to keep Rapport and the browser/operating sustem its installed upon up-to-date -- in the past it was claimed that if Trusteer Rapport or the browser it was installed upon were not kept up-to-date, then Trusteer Rapport could stop functioning.

Update 2018: When this article was orginally published in 2013, Trusteer was an independent company -- founded in Israel by M.Boodaei, A.Klein, S.Regev, R.Loonkar, and E.Ben-Haim -- but it was sold in 2013, to IBM, for a reported $1billion. Alongside HSBC, some other UK banks that have promoted the software are: Santander, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank, First Direct, Santander, and Co-operative Bank. Trusteer Rapport has not only been promoted by UK banks, but also banks in North America, such as: Bank of America, First Republic Bank and Scotiabank.