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Telehouse Docklands

Last Edit: 10/01/17

Telehouse Docklands was opened in 1990 and is a colocation data centre - allows independent companies to rent the facility (bandwidth, equipment, space) - that was renamed Telehouse North when Telehouse Europe (owner) built more data centre facilities in London. Telehouse Europe, the owner of Telehouse Docklands, was founded in 1988, while it's headquarters are still in the docklands of London, it has expanded and built over 40 colocation data centre in over 20 international cities. The most important Internet company that rents network hardware at Telehouse Docklands is LINK, the third largest Internet Exchange Point globally and the largest in the UK. Internet Exchange Points allow Internet Service Providers (BT, Plusnet, Sky etc) to transit data freely across each others networks, improving performance and lowering data transit costs. Telehouse Docklands also rents it's facilities to other Internet Exchange Points, this has resulted in Telehouse Docklands becoming the primary data route for routing Internet data in the UK. Telehouse Europe describe Telehouse Docklands as a "backbone for the global internet network".

Telehouse currently operates five colocation data centres in London: Telehouse Docklands (north), Telehouse East, Telehouse West, Telehouse North 2 and Telehouse Metro. Telehouse Metro is based in the City of London and services the financial institutions located there. Telehouse East services Canary Wharf (finance and media companies). Telehouse West and Telehouse North 2 are relatively new facilities - built after 2010 - that cater for cutting edge low-latent requirements. That said, Telehouse Docklands remains the largest facility in terms of size (sqm) and is the most heavily connected data centre, with by far the most carriers (over a 100, compared to under 50 at the other Telehouse facilities). When Telehouse Docklands was opened (1990) it only had 2 carriers, however, when the popularity of the Internet grew in the 90's and 00's, so did the amount of carriers hosted by Telehouse Docklands; this resulted in Telehouse Docklands building it's own electric substation to ensure reliability (transmission loss). Telehouse Europe is now one of the world's most important companies for providing Internet connectivity, it's facilities currently host the following Internet Exchange Points: LINX, NAPAfrica, DECIX, FRANCE-IX, Packet Exchange, JP-IX, LIPEX, NYIIX, LAIIX and LONAP.