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Scooter web crawler

Last Edit: 10/01/17

Scooter was a web crawler used by the AltaVista search engine in the 1990's. The Scooter web crawler was written by Louis Monier - a founder of AltaVista, who later went on to work at Google - and was written in the C programming language. Scooter underwent a number of updates from 1996-1999, and this could be identified by the following user-agents:

Scooter was an innovative web crawler, because it could index the full text of a webpage, and this meant the AltaVista search engine was described as a 'full-text search engine' or a 'full-text database'. AltaVista provided the search results for Yahoo! between 1996-1999. Scooter enabled AltaVista to become the most popular search engine from 1996-1998; however, AltaVista was sold to Compaq in 1999, and Compaq decided to change AltaVista from being a search engine into a web portal. This meant that Scooter was no longer developed - it's inventor, Louis Monier left AltaVista in 1999 - and webmasters generally reported that their content was rarely crawled by Scooter after 1999.

AltaVista was sold, and 'changed hands', between a range of technological companies from 2003-2015. AltaVista became a shell of its former self, with its website services being provided by other tech companies, and was ultimately trading upon its former reputation as the preeminent search engine of its day. Therefore, Scooter is no longer in development and is now defunct; its heyday was between 1996-1999, when it provided the AltaVista search engine with over 50 million hits per day.