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Marc Andreessen

Last Edit: 10/01/17


Marc Andreessen is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur, who is best known for being a coauthor of the Mosaic web browser, and a cofounder of the Netscape Communications Corporation. Marc Andreessen was born on the 9th of July, 1971, and was a student at the University of Illinois. Since selling Netscape to AOL in 1998 - for over four billion dollars - Andreessen has invested in a range of technology firms and is one of the leading 'lights' of the Silicon Valley tech' community.


Andreessen was a student of computer science at the University of Illinois during the early 1990's; he graduated in 1993. During this period, Andreessen also worked at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA); which is based at the University of Illinois and deploys large scale cyber-infrastructure for North America.

While Andreessen studied at the University of Illinois - along with other students - he co-wrote the code for the Mosaic web browser. Mosaic is acclaimed for popularising the World Wide Web: as it expanded the accessibility to the service. It is claimed that Andreessen discovered the World Wide Web whilst working at the NCSA.

After graduating Andreessen moved to California, and alongside Jim Clark, cofounded the Mosaic Communications Corporation. The Mosaic Communications Corporation recruited software engineers who designed the Mosaic web browser; which included: Eric Bina and Lou Montulli. In 1994, the Mosaic Communications Corporation released the 'Mosaic Netscape' browser.

By early 1995, the browser was renamed to Netscape Navigator, and the company was renamed to the Netscape Communications Corporation. Due to competition from Internet Explorer, the company eventually fell into financial problems and was sold to AOL; Netscape was sold in 1998, and the sale price was over four billion dollars.

Andreessen's influence within the Silicon Valley technology sector, and tech firms with a heavy focus on the World Wide Web, is notable: which is exemplified by the fact he is a member of the 'World Wide Web Hall of Fame' and a board member of Facebook. Since 2005, Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz have invested in technology firms, like: Twitter, Facebook, and GitHub. In 2009, he founded the firm 'Andreessen Horowitz': which is a venture capital firm that manages a range of funds.