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Jean Armour Polly

Last Edit: 03/03/19

Jean Armour Polly is a librarian, columnist and author of Internet books who is credited as coining the phrase Surfing the Internet. It is believed that she first used the phrase Surfing the Internet in an article published by the University of Minnesota. The article was published on the 15th of December 1992, and was titled "Surfing the INTERNET: an Introduction Version". The article began with the following introduction: "I'll be using the Internet, the global network of computers and their interconnections, which lets me skip like a stone across oceans and continents and control computers at remote sites. This short, non-technical article is an introduction to Internet communications and how librarians and libraries can benefit from netconnectivity. Following will be descriptions of electronic mail,discussion lists, electronic journals and texts, and resources available to those willing to explore."

The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages 2002 Edition The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages 1999 Edition
(Pictured: Two books by Jean Armour Polly, that included a cd rom and over 700 pages of content)

After writing the aforementioned article, Jean Armour Polly wrote a range of popular 'Internet Yellow Pages' books, which were aimed children, families and mom's. The books were often published using her NetMom® branding. The books proved popular and were updated with second and third editions. Listed below are a selection of her books:

- Net-Mom(R)'s Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages
- The Internet Kids Yellow Pages: Special Edition
- The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages
- The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages: Millennium Edition
- The Internet Kids and Family Golden Directory
- The Internet Kids Yellow Pages
- Essential Guide to Apple Computers in Libraries: The Library Macintosh (co-author with Rosanne M. Macek, Patrick R. Dewey)
- The Official Guide to Aol's Kids Connection

Alongside her writing career, it is believed that Jean Armour Polly has also held positions at the following Internet based organisations: Internet Content Rating Association; Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers; NYSERNet; and Internet Society. In conclusion, Jean Armour Polly was in the vanguard of educating non-technical users of the Internet when the Internet was in its infancy as a public and commercial service.