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Extended warranty perk on a UK credit card

Last Edit: 26/02/13

Credit card issuers/providers are always inventing new perks/bonuses -- some would say gimmicks -- to entice customers to sign-up with their card. The American Express air miles perk is perhaps the longest running and most famous. When it comes to a credit card perk that provide extra extended warranty -- when a card owner purchases electrical appliances on the card -- the field is far thinner; in fact in 2013, only one card to could be found with this perk.

As you are no doubt aware, manufacturers, as standard, provide a one year warranty --with better built appliances this can rise from 5-10 years -- but, typically, you will be lucky to find a manufacturers warranty over 1 years; hence why extended warranty deals are such a 'money spinner' for the likes of Currys. Dell's excellent next day service warranty -- for laptops -- can cost upwards of £100 a year; so a credit card that provides a similar level of warranty is not to be underestimated. Some items, such as laptops -- which are prone to overheating which can destroy components and soldering etc -- are ideal candidates for extended warranty: as they usually cost over £500 and will often start picking up problems after one year; dust builds up internally, the appliance overheats, and components fail.

So, no doubt you are wondering which credit card currently provides an extended warranty perk? It's the Ulster Bank Gold Mastercard (available for applications as of Feb 2013), and it currently provides an additional year of warranty -- on top of the manufacturer's warranty -- for electrical appliances purchased on it. The warranty insurance plan -- provided by the card -- is underwritten by Domestic & General Insurance PLC. There are some limits with the Ulter Bank Gold Mastercard:

Alongside the above, the Ulster Bank Gold Mastercard provides:

Hopefully if the card proves popular other providers will issue similar perks, and the warranty period will be extended beyond a one year addition; as some items -- as mentioned laptops -- would ideally benefit from a 3-4 year warranty.