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Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Network (CCIRN)

Last Edit: 06/05/17

CCIRN stands for the 'Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Network', and is/was a committee that meets/met on an annual basis to provide a forum to discuss, organise and plan the development of links between computer networks for research and scientific purposes. The members of the committee are/were invited from a wide range of American, African, Asian and European research organisations. The following organisations have been invited to participate at CCIRN meetings:

  1. Asia-Pacific Networking Group (APNG) (Asia)
  2. CERN Networking Group (European)
  3. European Association of Research Networks (RARE) (European)
  4. Federal Networking Council (United States)
  5. Foro de Redes de America Latina y el Caribe (ENRED) (South America)
  6. U.S. Department of Defense (United States)
  7. U.S. Department of Energy (United States)

The goal of CCIRN is/was to facilitate the interoperable and interconnection of networking services for research and academic pursuits. Specifically, connecting the networking services of intercontinental organisations in: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, South America, and North America.

CCIRN meetings have been attended by Internet luminaries, like Vint Cerf, who played an important role in promoting the creation of new organisations to assign Internet numbers (IP blocks) for global regions and continents. In the 1980's, the membership of CCIRN meetings was largely comprised of North Americans; Europeans were 'thin on the ground' due to opposition to IP adoption. Francois Flückiger, head of CERN's external network, said he convened the first meeting of CCIRN in Geneva in 1988; though the CCIRN website states this was the second meeting. The second meeting of CCIRN, according to Francois Flückiger (not recorded on the CCIRN website) was held in West Virginia in 1988. Early CCIRN meetings had representatives from the following computer networks / networking developers / network funders: JANET, UCL, DFN, RARE, EARN, NSF, NASA, DARPA, NORDUNET, IAB, RARE, HEPNET, CERN, and FRICC.

The last CCIRN meeting - according to their website - was held in February 2012 in Chiang Mai and the chair of this meeting was Xing Li. Previous meetings, listed in descending order, were held at: Raleigh, Reykjavik, Geneva, Sydney, Arlington, Bruges, Xi'An, Arlington, Poznan, Cairns, Indianapolis, Arlington, Stockholm, Yokohama, San Jose, Geneva, Kuala Lumpur, Montreal, Honolulu, Amsterdam, Bodega Bay, Brussels, Tokyo, Santa Fe, Paris, London, Santa Fe, Sophia Antipolis, Abingdon, Geneva and Washington DC. Generally, CCIRN meetings were not attended by a large number of people, typically 15-25 key people representing: major backbone computer networks, developers of network software (tcp/ip), and organisations who funded both networks and network software (DARPA and CERN).