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bullet Internet News
bullet Solid: 'true data ownership' project led by Tim Berners-Lee
bullet Federal Communications Commission votes to weaken Net Neutrality rules
bullet 1st of October, 2016: ICANN freed from U.S. government oversight
bullet Latest /
bullet Aaron Swartz: Was an American computer programmer and Internet activist
bullet ADSL Microfilters: Equipped to a phone socket for standard broadband
bullet .Arpa domain, managed by the IAB and ICANN
bullet Attenuation: Describes the loss of signal strength on DSL connections
bullet Ben Segal: Helped enable Europe's conversion to TCP/IP
bullet Broadband Internet Access (UK): standard, mobile, superfact, and ultrafast
bullet Broadband Internet Connection: Data Usage Allowance and Caps
bullet Ed Krol: managed the establishment NSFNET
bullet Dot Com Bubble: Speculative bubble - in stocks related to the Internet - that lasted until 2000
bullet Douglas Engelbart: Developed the first working hypertext system
bullet E. Feinler: Member of the Internet Hall of Fame, former director of the NIC
bullet Internet of things (IoT): Term referring to the inter-working of physical items
bullet Ivan Sutherland: Led the Information Processing Techniques Office from 1964-1966
bullet Jean Armour Polly: coined the phrase Surfing the Internet
bullet Jean-Francois Abramatic: Chairman of the World Wide Web Consortium 1996-2001
bullet Lance Cottrell: Founder of in 1996
bullet New generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) in 2016, 2017, and 2018
bullet LLU: Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) at telephone exchanges
bullet Registering a domain name with a ICANN accredited registrar
bullet Robert Braden: Provided stewardship over the RFC series
bullet Root zone file: The DNS root zone file is a small data set file (2,232,320 bytes)
bullet Root name servers: The root servers serve the root zone of the Domain Name System
bullet Ted Nelson: Coined the term Hypertext
bullet SNR: Broadband (DSL): Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and SNR Margin
bullet UK ISPs: Static and Dynamic IP Addresses
bullet Ecommerce
bullet A brief history of commerce on the Internet
bullet Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974
bullet Retailers and the manufacturers Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)
bullet Company in Administration: E-vouchers and Gift Vouchers
bullet Faulty goods bought online from UK retailers
bullet Rights of return for online orders in the UK
bullet Making a complaint about a financial business in the UK
bullet FAQs /
bullet What does the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) logo represent?
bullet Free shipping: will it become universal for UK online shops?
bullet When do I receive my statement? (bank and credit card)
bullet Internet Banking
bullet Internet banking: getting started as a new user
bullet When banks suspend use of Internet Banking
bullet Monthly PAY-IN saving accounts -- increase interest earnt
bullet Direct debit fails due to a lack of funds
bullet Overdraft current account interest and fees
bullet Secure banking: Safety features online banks employ
bullet Tax free savings options in the UK
bullet AER and the income from savings
bullet Switching your current account to another bank
bullet Savings accounts: their interest rate vs UK inflation
bullet Introductory Rate: why its a good idea to open a new bank account every year
bullet BIC code: online banking and money transfers
bullet Difference between gross and net interest
bullet Trusteer Rapport: helping to protect online banking
bullet Paying a deposit into a new bank account
bullet Online banking security: phishing and identity theft
bullet Services / features available with an online bank account
bullet Sending money overseas from a UK bank
bullet Request a replacement debit or credit card through Internet Banking
bullet Service status and maintenance of Internet banks
bullet Vishing: a fraud to steal money and Intenet banking details
bullet Bank branch closures: find out on the Internet
bullet Customer service quality rating for UK banks
bullet Cora, Natwest's digital assistant on the Internet
bullet Cheque imaging: will speed up cheque processing significantly
bullet Post Office services for bank customers
bullet Debit card for the blind or partially sighted
bullet Voice ID: voice recognition telephone banking
bullet FAQs /
bullet What UK bank accounts are protected by the FSCS?
bullet Are wireless networks a risk to my online banking?
bullet Do banks have automatic systems to detect fraud?
bullet What is a nominated account in relation to a savings account?
bullet Process for opening a bank account online?
bullet Do fixed rate Cash ISA accounts exist?
bullet Ways to pay a deposit into a new bank account?
bullet Report lost or stolen cards via Internet banking?
bullet Do Internet banks provide CHAPS payments?
bullet Do banks provide a mortgage calculator on the Internet?
bullet Do Internet banks offer a free gift to switch my current account?
bullet Can I update my address and telephone number via Internet banking?
bullet Login to mobile banking app with my fingerprint?
bullet Online Credit
bullet Charges and fees levied from owing and using a credit card
bullet Cancelling a credit card in the United Kingdom (UK)
bullet Balance transfer credit cards (UK): 26, 30 and 32 month 0% interest cards
bullet Extended warranty perk on a UK credit card
bullet Rate jacking: credit cards on the receiving end
bullet Purchase protection: premium credit card perk
bullet Credit card rewards / bonuses / perks
bullet 10 Reasons a credit card is canceled
bullet Credit cards: minimum payment level - 1% since April 2011
bullet Credit Cards: responsibilities of card owners
bullet Internet credit card eligibility checker
bullet Charges tariff: levied by UK credit card providers
bullet Installment plan for a credit card transaction
bullet Credit card customer services: general enquiries
bullet A copy of the general conditions of a credit card
bullet Capital One Classic Card: suitable for building credit
bullet FAQs /
bullet What is a Creditbuilder credit card?
bullet How to protect your credit card PIN number?
bullet Credit Reference Agency (CRA): Why do credit card issuers use them?
bullet Is there a lending code for credit card providers?
bullet Do credit card companies share my data?
bullet What is the purpose and advantage of a company credit card?
bullet Are some credit cards better to travel abroad with?
bullet Internet Finance
bullet Contactless payments: for purchases of thirty pounds and under
bullet Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and PPI claims in the United Kingdom
bullet UKash voucher: its uses and where to buy
bullet Paysafecard: convert cash to a digital payment method
bullet UK VAT and Adsense earnings
bullet FAQs /
bullet Unsecured loans: a good thing for the borrower or the lender?
bullet Short term loans: Do you pay a higher level of interest?
bullet Is Peer-to-peer lending a good way to earn more interest?
bullet Is there a universal credit rating in the UK?
bullet What is Verified by Visa for Internet payments?