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bullet Internet News
bullet Russia's 'Sovereign Internet' law launched on November 1st 2019
bullet Labour proposes free universal Internet access for all UK homes
bullet Happy Birthday, the Internet becomes 50 years old
bullet Federal Communications Commission votes to weaken Net Neutrality rules
bullet 1st of October, 2016: ICANN freed from U.S. government oversight
bullet Latest /
bullet AOL UK: Internet Service Provider launched in 1996
bullet .Arpa domain, managed by the IAB and ICANN
bullet Broadband Internet Access (UK): standard, mobile, superfact, and ultrafast
bullet CompuServe: OSP and early ISP that introduced the GIF image format
bullet Demon Internet: They provided the first affordable commercial ISP service in the UK
bullet Dot Com Bubble: Speculative bubble - in stocks related to the Internet - that lasted until 2000
bullet Easynet and Cyberia: Early UK Internet Service Provider and Cybercafe
bullet Freeserve: the UK's first fully featured 'free' Internet Service Provider
bullet Internet of things (IoT): Term referring to the inter-working of physical items
bullet List of UK Internet Services Providers (ISP) for 2019 and beyond
bullet New generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) in 2016, 2017, and 2018
bullet PSINet: One of the first ISPs to sell Internet connectivity
bullet Root zone file: The DNS root zone file is a small data set file (2,232,320 bytes)
bullet Root name servers: The root servers serve the root zone of the Domain Name System
bullet Sky Broadband: Launched in 2006, after its acquisition of Easynet in 2005
bullet Potential cost of ending a broadband contract early
bullet SNR: Broadband (DSL): Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and SNR Margin
bullet UK ISPs: Static and Dynamic IP Addresses
bullet UUNet: One of the earliest commercial Internet Service Providers
bullet Virgin Media: Provides a DOCSIS 3.0 cable broadband service in the UK
bullet Virtual Private Network (VPN): secure tunnel to protect Internet traffic