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bullet Internet News
bullet Solid: 'true data ownership' project led by Tim Berners-Lee
bullet Federal Communications Commission votes to weaken Net Neutrality rules
bullet 1st of October, 2016: ICANN freed from U.S. government oversight
bullet Latest /
bullet Aaron Swartz: Was an American computer programmer and Internet activist
bullet ADSL Microfilters: Equipped to a phone socket for standard broadband
bullet .Arpa domain, managed by the IAB and ICANN
bullet Attenuation: Describes the loss of signal strength on DSL connections
bullet Ben Segal: Helped enable Europe's conversion to TCP/IP
bullet Broadband Internet Access (UK): standard, mobile, superfact, and ultrafast
bullet Broadband Internet Connection: Data Usage Allowance and Caps
bullet Broadband via point-to-point radio signals
bullet CompuServe: OSP and early ISP that introduced the GIF image format
bullet Demon Internet: They provided the first affordable commercial ISP service in the UK
bullet Dot Com Bubble: Speculative bubble - in stocks related to the Internet - that lasted until 2000
bullet Douglas Engelbart: Developed the first working hypertext system
bullet Ed Krol: managed the establishment NSFNET
bullet E. Feinler: Member of the Internet Hall of Fame, former director of the NIC
bullet Freeserve: the UK's first fully featured 'free' Internet Service Provider
bullet Internet of things (IoT): Term referring to the inter-working of physical items
bullet Ivan Sutherland: Led the Information Processing Techniques Office from 1964-1966
bullet Jean Armour Polly: coined the phrase Surfing the Internet
bullet Jean-Francois Abramatic: Chairman of the World Wide Web Consortium 1996-2001
bullet Jim Ellis and Tom Truscott: They conceived the idea of Usenet
bullet Lance Cottrell: Founder of in 1996
bullet New generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) in 2016, 2017, and 2018
bullet List of UK Internet Services Providers (ISP) for 2019 and beyond
bullet LLU: Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) at telephone exchanges
bullet Pipex: The first independent commercial Internet Service Provider in the UK
bullet Plusnet: ISP founded in 1997 as Plusnet Technologies Ltd
bullet Registering a domain name with a ICANN accredited registrar
bullet Robert Braden: Provided stewardship over the RFC series
bullet Root zone file: The DNS root zone file is a small data set file (2,232,320 bytes)
bullet Root name servers: The root servers serve the root zone of the Domain Name System
bullet Ted Nelson: Coined the term Hypertext
bullet Potential cost of ending a broadband contract early
bullet SNR: Broadband (DSL): Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and SNR Margin
bullet UK ISPs: Static and Dynamic IP Addresses
bullet Virgin Media: Provides a DOCSIS 3.0 cable broadband service in the UK