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Convert Lotus Wordpro file to Microsoft Word

Last Edit: 10/01/17

Q. If someone has sent you an .lwp file, but you can't open it in MS Word 2000, then what can you do ?

A. After searching the Web there doesn't seem a simple way of doing it. The only way I found was by downloading this program from Lotus for free (Lotus KeyView);

This will open the .lwp file, so you can then copy and paste the data into MS Word. If you have a better way then post it below.


Update: 2005

The above address now seems to hold the file, click on Kvlotus.exe file for download.


Update: 2013


Comment - Just a short note to thank you for the tip for converting from .lwp to .doc...downloading the Lotus Keyview and copying and pasting the document into Word works great. Thanks!

By User - Dr. Rahul Deshpande


Comment - An absolute life saver, but it did a miserable job of formatting the document.

By User - Fred


Comment - I agree with Fred - no page formatting at all, but as far as retriving the cryptic data from a wordpro file its brilliant! I had a CD somewhere with wordpro on, and managed to misplace it... THANK YOU!

By User - Mike


Comment - Thanks for this. Worked well. The LWP file had data in tabular format, which didnt convert to MS Word. Didn't matter though, just printed it and it was fine.

By User - Waz


Comment - This is a very helpful program indeed and it has made my day a little easier. Thanks!

By User - dr. P.Bouwman


Comment - Actually, if you open with Lotus KeyView, print to Adobe PDF (you have to have an Adobe PDF Printer), open the PDF with Adobe, save as a Microsoft Word (.dot) file, it will keep all formatting. Good Luck!

By User - MK


Comment - I had to ask for lotus keyveiw (very demeaning) and a guy wanted to make home or office visit to advise me on my individual needs.... Bah! Instead, I went to my office and printed it off and scanned into my AABBYY reader and saved to Word! Excellent. as for keyview, what a cheek.... I'm hoping to invest in a Hal 9000, that will be just the ticket.

By User - Dave Bowman


Comment - This is only if you still have Lotus Word Pro installed on you PC. Open the Word Pro Document, on the File menu, click SAVE AS. Then scroll down the LIST OF FILE TYPES, list until you find the most recent or latest version of Microsoft Word that is listed. Click on that latest version, then click OK. You also have the ability to save to a different directory, you will want to choose this before you click OK.

By User - Mark Gilliland